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I used to input breastfeeding as a food (it would register as -500 calories), but then I just changed the overall target calories for myself in the MFP settings. It's just easier to not have to think about it every day.
180.4 this morning. Yikes, February, that was rough. Ready to get back into exercising now! I'm planning on walking 5 times a week for now, maybe more if I can fit it in. What's everyone's plan for exercise?
The neighborhoods surrounding the downtown area of town are great for eclectic and charming older homes. Some homes have large back yards, some do not. Biking and walking places is very convenient in these areas as well. Old Colorado City meets your requirements as well, but it's much farther to Peterson AFB. The commute from downtown area to Peterson is about 20 min, so not bad at all.
I'm in again! Hoping to get back on track this next week. First up is ridding the house of all the junk this weekend!
177.2, which is less than I thought it would be after 2 weeks of sitting around at the hospital. DS is home now and recovering. He will need physical therapy to regain strength, and his nursing is still not back to normal. But we are so grateful that he will fully recover!
Awesome job, IsaFrench!!!
I am still in the hospital with my DS. I haven't been home since last Sunday, so I can't weigh in today. The good news is that he is starting to tolerate more breastmilk via mouth, so we are hoping to wean him off the feeding tube in the next few days. Then we can go home!
Unfortunately, I'm don't think I'll be able to weigh in this week. We've had a very frantic, stressful week with our 6 month son becoming very ill and then being admitted to the hospital for a rare case of infant botulism. I am spending most of my time at the hospital and pumping breastmilk for his feeding tube at this time, and I do not have access to a scale to weigh myself. (I also *might* be eating a lot of snacks that friends and family have brought for me!) Anyway, I...
@Xerxella, That's great!
There is one female doc on the above list that I would NOT recommend after a friend's bad experience, but I hesitate to post it publically. If anyone would like to PM me, I can share more info privately.
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