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Somegirl, EA77, and Crafty, you all look great!! Crafty, I am so very jealous of your lighter physique, though. I can't wait to join you "on the other side".
Wow, if I get any one of those things done, I feel pretty accomplished. But all three? No way!
Me too, Jill! I hope they mean something. My lower back hurts too and I feel generally cranky.
False! The person below keeps waking up at an unusually early hour.
Home remedies!! This is MDC, after all! Library or buy books?
True! The person below has a book checked out from the library right now.
Yay somegirl!! Hoping for a peaceful, smooth birth for you. :-)
Salad. Cloth napkins or paper?
Ow! I'm so sorry you're having more pain than when you started. :-( I am no expert, but it seems like something that shouldn't happen. I've been seeing a chiro for about 2 months now- and when I started I was in a lot of pain in my lower back. Within 3 or 4 visits, I was pain-free and I continue to be. I hope you get some idea of what's going on at your next visit!
Savory! Yum. Brownies or cake?
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