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174 again today. Lots of delicious goodies at last night's Super Bowl party. :-)
Dr. Nancy Dawson is wonderful!! Very knowledgable and supportive! (719) 592-9890 2685 Dublin Blvd Colorado Springs‎ CO‎ 80918
174 this morning.
@bohemianmama, yes, I do. But I have a heart rate monitor and I know how much I burn when I exercise. I've heard it recommended that you eat half of your exercise calories back that MFP calculates for you, since it's notorious for overestimating.
Newmamalizzie, BME is basal metabolic rate, and TDEE is total daily energy expenditure. Here's a good guide to figuring out roughly how many calories your body burns per day, and how many calories you should be consuming to lose weight- http://www.myfitnesspal.com/topics/show/975025-in-place-of-a-road-map-short-n-sweet
Down 2 lbs exactly at 174.8. Strangely, I increased my calories this week after reading a lot about TDEE and BMR as it relates to fat loss & increasing muscle. I may increase my calories again, as I'm still breastfeeding exclusively. I'm definitely feeling satisfied and happy though, as opposed to when I was eating the minimum on MFP.
@Xerxella, you are hilarious... Much love to you and @Milk8shake.
Bohemianmama- Do you babywear around the house? I used to just do it when I was out, but now I'm accustomed to putting baby on my back while I'm doing chores around the house. I burn quite a bit more calories that way- and I get some exercise!
Jaxy, you're so sweet! It's really exciting to see my name on your list. :-) I did a few rounds of the healthy weight loss challenge almost 2 years ago and never really lost much weight. Since the last challenge, I've lost 14 pounds so far. The biggest change for me has been planning my meals & snacks ahead of time on My Fitness Pal. I hate tracking what I eat, but it really gets the job done! Yay for all of us for making healthy choices a habit!
176.8 this morning. Yay, back to losing weight after a New Year's lull!
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