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Salad. Soup is too warm. Running or walking for exercise?
True! I just had a cut and color yesterday- such a great confidence booster. The person below does not own a yoga ball.
Beef, although that's a very new thing (I was a vegetarian for 6 yrs until February!). Fabric softener for your laundry or none?
Mama, you look great! I have a short torso, too. I have felt pressure on my cervix since very early- although by now, I wouldn't say he's up in my ribs. He definitely dropped or is dropping!
WITH ice! I am so in love with our ice machine this summer. Early bedtimes for your kid(s), or keep them up late?
False. I think it tastes better on the cob! The person below has wedding photos on the wall somewhere in their house.
True!! I can dream! The person below is making something Asian for dinner.
Woohoo, Crafty!! Go mama go!
Hey, now you know why I took a low-light photograph! Do it, Crafty! I want to see! And I totally agree about being pregnant STILL. I am just feeling "off" and yuck, and really hoping this doesn't last more than another week!!EA77, thanks!! I really hope so!
Congratulations, Carmen!!! Looking forward to hearing more about your sweet boy!
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