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Please take me off the roster. I've lost this one. :-( Wishing everyone else healthy pregnancies and babies!
I just found out I've lost this one. :-( The ultrasound measurements were 5w6d, while I should be 7w4d. No heartbeat. Good luck and healthy pregnancies to all of you wonderful women.
1babysmom, I'm sorry. ((hugs)) I so desperately want a sibling for my DD, too. And she is just getting to the age where she is IN LOVE with all of my friends' newborns. I'm going to send her to a friend's house to play for my appointment tomorrow so she doesn't know about the (possible) baby. It's just too hard when these losses happen over and over (we have a known chromosomal issue that causes losses). I hope that this one sticks, if nothing more than so she can have a...
Argh, 187.8. Not much exercise or restraint this week as far as eating.
at_the_hip, any more spotting lately? I've been on and off with the whole spotting thing, so TP checks are a way of life right now. I spotted for a week, then stopped Sunday, then had a little bout this morning that seems to be gone. Gaaaaaaaaaah, so irritating. I don't know much about Canadian health care, but are there places where you could go for an ultrasound where you'd pay out of pocket? Here there are ultrasound places that specialize in 3D ultrasound, but they...
Milk!!!!!!!! X told me about your news. OMG! I'm so excited for you, and at the same time I can understand the fear you must be feeling. Hang in there. Get the medication, one thing at a time. I'm crossing my fingers for a healthy pregnancy and baby!
187 today. Very very little follow-through on my part this week. I'm working on having protein for breakfasts and snacks this week. It really helps me stay full longer!
Did they order bloodwork? How very frustrating!! I am glad that they were able to get you in on Saturday, though. How far along will you be then?
At_the_hip, I've been spotting too. :-( I hate this part- the waiting is just unbearable. I'm sending up thoughts and prayers that everything is okay with your little bean!
Just now getting caught up on the previous posts. Milk- I'm so glad your scan went okay and your kidney function is normal. How scary! Strange about the 3 kilos, though!
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