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And for the scientifically minded, another piece by the author:   http://www.npr.org/blogs/13.7/2011/06/17/137219683/science-sacred-spiritual-what-is-in-a-word
A great article.  I love it when people of science recognize this kind of experience.  It's the place I come from as well.   When Nature Speaks, Who Are You Hearing?
 No spend -- hoping for 3 no-spends every week.  Frugal spending   Meh.  Could have been worse.   Overspent   Unavoidable, unexpected, necessary.  Grrrrr.......   4/12   4/13   4/14    Only a couple of snacks for the girls, under $5.  I avoided spending anything on myself, and only went to gymnastics and back, so I counted that as a frugal day.  Can't be too strict.
Thanks for checking back in with us, MsBe.  It looks to be a hard time all around for us.   As for me, when you didn't hear from me, I wasn't doing yoga!  Today I did my first 5 rounds.  Really had to dedicate myself, but then when we are feeling energetic it seems easy to skip that part.  When we are at our deepest low is when the dedication flows.  That is the "gift".  When you need it the most is when you are most open to receiving it.   What exactly does it mean to...
OK, I weighed myself this morning and I weigh around 161#.  That doesn't sound so bad as far as "lots to lose" but understand that I am just shy of 5'3" with a petite frame.  In high school that meant 105#, adult weight 115-120.  I would settle for just under 130.   I've been much more conscientious regarding sugar, but not active with doing anything about it.  But getting better.  More veggies and fruits.  No white bread, even though it's delicious "artisan" bread from...
 Good luck!
Thought of this thread:   http://earthsky.org/space/what-is-a-blood-moon-lunar-eclipses-2014-2015#tetrad   One of my favorite astronomy sites.
They found 2 surprising things: 1. double dipping didn't appear to have an impact on the bacterial community and 2. even a freshly opened container of dip and salsa is swimming in bacteria.  Their controls were, well, out of control!
Ah, trial and error.  Pouring Cheerios from a wide container to a narrow yogurt container involves caution, not dumping.  Shaking it without secure the lid makes a mess.  Closing the door across the pile redistributes the pile.  Mommy won't help unless it involves a broom and dustpan.     Sigh.
http://www.theonion.com/articles/more-us-children-being-diagnosed-with-youthful-ten,248/   An alarming disorder.  Leave it to The Onion to explore these issues in depth.  If not them, then who would?
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