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messaged nStewart
Thanks! Can't believe our babies will be halfway to a year! Hope all is well!
Decided to stop by and see how everyone is doing!   My mothers day boy Arrow is currently 18lbs and growing! He is already grabbing food and feeding himself, I'm almost in shock, but I know this means he is going to be a big boy! It's been busy because the holidays are starting up, but I am looking forward to his first christmas!    Here is a photo:
growing and growing! how big are your LO's now?
double post :(
arrow, 2 months!
DD was skinny as well, but DS has lots of rolls! he'll be 2 months in a week and is already 12-13lbs and wearing size 3-6 months :)
Second time round has gone by faster and I already miss having a newborn, so much so I already want another :O! AND I already started my monthly cycle (didn't start til 18 mnths w/ DD).   With that said, I'm soaking up every moment I can get and would love to see your precious 1 month moments as well :)         3 month, my big boy with lots of rolls, currently 15lbs!  
so, my DS's 1 month appt is coming up and as of now have decided to wait on vaccinations for the time being, so I would love ANY recommendations for drs in southern california that are vac free friendly. 
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