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my first labor was 6 hrs and this one was 25 minutes, I would definitely opt for the 6hr labor over 25 minutes any day. 
My baby boy Arrow was born this past Mother's Day
Had my baby boy this morning, arrived at the hospital at 605am and he arrived at 630am, so labor was much quicker this time
Well, turns out I didn't get jelly belly this time, so worried for nothing
If extended, I will def post first thing in the morn, night
So great to hear women embracing their post baby bods... The jelly belly is def something I'm not excited about, but I know is completely natural and normal, I was just sorta shocked the first time, this time ill be ready for it!
same here! it's almost as if the baby changes his mind when he hears DD or I yelling, I do try to control my temper, but the hormones make it very hard :(... I had a false alarm 3 weeks ago and dropped off DD and my contractions stayed 5 mins the entire time, so there may be some truth to my DD being a source of stress. 
congrats! :) did you deliver early with your first?
same here :) def sounds like we've reached the same point (minus irritating my cervix)... i honestly expect to go another week.
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