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intercourse :)
rented it on itunes the day it came out, very inspiring :)
:) my third pair, finally "perfected" it...        
      made these today, quick change trousers, size NB :)
exciting stuff!
Hot flashes are completely normal :) I didn't start having them with DD until after she was born, but with this one I started having them 2 months ago, it's due to a high amount of hormones. I would imagine yours are higher due to having twins, as for me, mine are abnormally high and a dr even suggested prescription meds :/ which i declined...   Other than that, I have an appt tomorrow as well, will be getting an ultrasound to see how big baby is, he was 4lbs1oz in Feb,...
still have my ergo from DD, ill use it in a couple months.... got the k'tan and sakura bloom as gifts, tried the sakura bloom with 30 lb DD and she loved it, cant wait to use it with the new babe!
i've signed up my 4yr old for summer camp at the local waldorf school, the program was originally 3-5 days/ week, but I discussed the situation and they are allowing her to attend for 2 days/ week. This will be her first time out of the house in any type of nursery program so we'll see how it goes. 
33 weeks :)
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