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azi reminds me of that comedian that's on the show parks a rec.
i know, it's the norm to him because he's in the military and has never seen an uncirc'd guy. i'm personally aware of the percentages of actually circs that are presently done. regardless, he doesn't care either way, that was just his rebuttal when I told him people don't do it anymore.
well, we already have everything, clothes washed, cloth diapers washed. just need a nursing bra and pads, which are on sale at target this week, so that'll be taken care of. ohh! and the carseat :( gotta wait till my baby shower in early march for that, hoping  my dad will go halfway on that.     I know the baby can come at any time during the third trimester, so I will def be packing up our bags in the next couple weeks. 
we made a registry because we don't have anything, we had decided on having only one, and it's been 4 years. I must say everything is much more expensive now than it was 4-5 years ago, I've deleted a ton of stuff because I feel like it's my fault we didn't keep anything, but looking back we were really set on one.
the more you know, the worse it is... I know DH would prefer to have him circ because it is the "norm", but he agrees with my "argument" and knows that I'm the only one who legally gets to decide, so we're fine either way.
uggg, I just can't give up burgers! maybe I should give them up for lent, I'm def trying to be more healthy, so hard....
cute! i'm doing something similar for my baby shower...
ooo, i like Azariah! mostly because A and Z are my favorite letters.. Shia also reminds me of Shia Lebouf or the name Messiah, Shia sounds kind of Armenian... I personally wouldn't name my child after someone I didnt know...
very true, crystals can be charged with sunlight...
my DD and this baby will have my last name because I love my last name so much and hubby lets me name the babies :)
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