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your belly is so round and cute!   as for weight gain, with DD I gained the "standard" 28 lbs and with this one, I have gained 14 lbs so far. Prior to getting pregnant I was underweight because of hereditary reasons, but I am now at a good weight for my height, I wish it would stick but I loose it all like 2 months after birth. 
your right, I normally prefer wearing a B cup instead of an A cup because I have more breast tissue on the outer sides... so all of us are made differently :) if i go and get measured I'm sure they'd say i was a B, when I know I am for sure a C because I'm falling out of my bra right now... I say try all sizes, different numbers as well, and chose what makes you most comfortable. 
ooo... our last name starts with a Z as well, i love it... I was initially thinking Max Ezra Z., but decided to get rid of Ezra since it held no personal meaning... Max is my dad's name and am kind of obligated to use it :/ but I really love Cash Arrow Z. :( I guess Max Arrow would work, i guess I should talk to my dad about it... grrr :p DD has two first names and one middle name, so I guess it'd be ok for this one to have two first names and two middle names, but It'll...
 i def don't like the first two months, maybe thats why im impatient, i just want to get the hardest part over with,,, but I have good quality sleep now and do fine on 4 hrs, been like that for awhile now, I'm sure when I get older I'll appreciate sleep now, as for now DD sleeps 10pm-9am and I sleep 12-7am...
i don't pick a name until after the baby is born, with DD I finally decided on a name when she was 2 months....  so far I am seriously thinking of Cash or Arrow
bleh, I had to do it 2 times with DD, the 1 hr and the 3 hr, ended up being a false positive!... have to do it soon, don't know when I will do it though...    ... so I don't know if it's because it's my second babe, DD is almost 4, or because it's been a little over a year since we first started trying for this one, but I really want my baby here :D with DD I was patient and kind of procrastinated certain things. but with this one I'm ready!  :)
very precise info, I just do it the way they do it at victoria secret...for example, my ribs are 28 inches and boobs are 31-32 inches, just subtract 32-28= 4= D.   1=A 2=B 3=C 4=D   so im between a full C and small D, which is def bigger than I originally though, prob cause i'm so petite. 
well, if your anything like me, you'll be moving the furniture around every month :D
if you can I would put the recliner at an angle next to the window, not only do I love sitting in my armchair near the window on a sunny day, placing it at an angle makes it more inviting, so between the 3, I would choose option 3 and put the recliner in the corner.
started painting trim and the walls this week in DD's "playroom", def feeling more productive than I have been the past few weeks... I'm currently leaning towards putting the crib in DD's playroom since the baby will be sleeping with me for a bit,, and then keeping DD's bed in my room since we are very attached. 
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