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funny you say that :) everytime my mom see's me she says "double D's!"... I def was a DD for about a month after DD was born when my milk came in, so I could be bigger than I think.
boobs are around a full C now, def gotta go get a new bra! this is my second pregnancy, I was showing with DD around this time, but this babe is nice a cozy and likes to be as close as possible.
the winter here was so short  i'm wearing a swimsuit in that pic...
24weeks; 80degrees and sunny!
i've only done parent child classes in the past and have chosen to homeschool for two major reasons, 1) we move every 6 months and/or travel every three months to visit DH or Family, depending who's farther away 2)1st grade is $15,000+, so i'd rather keep that money at home... we still visit waldorf schools for fairs and events, and to shop for waldorf items :)
 got them with DD, the had them at target, very helpful with diaper changes!
I homeschool because it's the most nurturing and attentive education my child can receive. 
waldorf inspired nursery, the first seven years involve a peach like color, so that is what I will be painting the walls, and will have natural furniture and items.
scary bits- some men are strange creatures and say things like that for attention, I know my DH kinda of says people hit on him.   I don't know what it is but every time I show a pic of him to compare features with DD, women always go "he looks like an actor!" or "you better keep an eye on him!", I don't get it though, I've never thought he was drop dead gorgeous, maybe I'm feeling a disconnect with this pregnancy. I'm not the type to have crushes on actors, models...
each school can be very different... I have visited many Waldorf Schools (military family) and some places I decided to not even bother because it was essentially like a public school, minus the technology. Now we are back in So Cal (where we are from) and I have 3 schools to chose from, 1 is known for having a high turnaround with staff AND students, the 2nd is one I would be okay settling with and the 3rd has a beautiful campus, and I always am reminded why i choose...
New Posts  All Forums: