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Totally have an urge to test now, it's so funny because I'm only 3-4 days past ovulation, wishing I had some Internet cheapies right about now...   I just want to know if I am or not, so I can come up with the next plan of action.
   Congrats! We've been BDing basically everyday, so I won't be able to pinpoint an exact ovu date if we're pregnant. I've only started charting this cycle and it's slightly exhausting, so I prob won't after this month. ​
That's true, but the OPKs didn't really make a difference on my FF chart. We're just BDing every other day, sometimes everyday and that definitely helps   
  Thats wonderful news, congrats! When are your due dates?   ..... Hope I'm there with y'all in about a week, if FF is correct, I definitely should be.  
I tried first response this month and had many close calls, but never a true positive, I would get clearblue ovu tests instead.   FYI OPKs only test for the hormone before ovulation, which means you'll only find out if your body is trying to ovulate, not if it actually does, a lot of people have discussed the fact that many women have the lutenizing hormone throughout their cycle and our bodies sometimes have to try more than one time to release an egg, which results in...
So, there is def a higher probability of me being pregnant, i'm pretty sure I ovulated 2 days after my positive OPK, which is when we officially started trying. Gunna test 10, 12 and 14 DPO :)           .... I just started feeling really sick
  So we officially started trying on CD10, OPK's detected a surge on CD7-8, I'm now on CD 12 and my instinct is telling me the OPK's don't work with me because I never got a true positive and I agree with FF that I ovulated 10-12. Aside from that I've been having some pressure below and a little bit of cramping.   I have 3 FR tests, now I just have to decide when to use them, I'm thinking DPO  9/10, 12 and 14, then if i miss AF, then I'm going to get Clear Blue PLUS...
I've been feeling contraction like pain for the past 2 hrs whenever I lie down, could this be ovulation pain or fertilization....   Im on CD10, with 2 positive OPKs three days ago, I'm sure it's ovulation, just curious if anyone has felt the same...
  It's alright that's what they are there for, to use. I'm sure I won't be pregnant this cycle, but I'm still gonna test 10dpo, for the same reason, so I don't have to obsess :) 
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