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I think i remember being on my period the day of conception, thanks for the replies :)   i'll start charting day CD4 :)
I just bought an ovulation kit for my next cycle, hopefully they are truly 99% accurate.  
Just got an ovulation kit, going to chart after my next period, which should be january, then going to ttc after my period in february, so exciting. I'm looking forward to ttc a November baby and watching how yall are doing in your ttc journey :)
I'm beginning to chart again and started thinking of my first pregnancy...   First date of my period was May 16-18, Date of conception was may 22 and she was born naturally on feb 24, which indicates I ovulated 4-6 days after the first day of my period. Is it ok to assume right after my next period we should actively TTC ?
Waiting to be ready...   Cant decide if I want to TTC a 2012 baby, or jan/ feb 2013 baby, our firstborn is turning 3 soon and I feel it's time. I'm going to start charting in January and most likely TTC in feb.
I just learned about this the other day, which makes me glad I waited, AE will be 3 in two months and we just started talking about the possibility of having another :), regardless of knowing this information I still waited till I felt 100% myself again before thinking of having another.  
My babe is just as social as I am, which led me to decide to homeschool. If your babe is only 4 I would give it time and hang out with the same group often.
You sound like where I was at a few months ago. I looked into becoming a Waldorf teacher and looked at all the websites and information I could find, that led me learn about summer sessions/ conferences at Steiner Schools all over the US, and decided I wanted to try one summer and see how I felt. Fast forward, 1 WHOLE month later, and now we are talking about having another baby and it just makes sense to home school if we are going to have 2 kids (2 kids in a waldorf...
    "First, suggestions of where to begin - on the first steps - maybe some good links to resources and information.  How did you begin?"   We have a Waldorf playroom at home and are currently headed in the homeschooling direction. We have attended parent child playgroups in the past, but I feel like reading books and using what works for us it what resonated the best ("beyond the rainbow bridge" and "Simplicity Parenting"). We began with replacing plastic toys...
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