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i get mine at the local waldorf school
barefoot books
thank you soo much!
planning  to homeschool
I have seen the following painting displayed in Waldorf classrooms and I would like to know the artist. Thanks in advance,,,  
I agree, DD is very self sufficient as well and even though we dont have cable tv she keeps herself entertained all day. She also still sleeps 12 hrs a night, so we always sleep in... Now for the bad news :P I had one long contraction yesterday (hubby is deployed, so I was alone) and DD immediately was full of energy and wouldn't stop talking. When I was in labor, the room needed to be dead quiet so I could relax and sleep, so DD's constant moving and talking actually...
are you having a natural birth?
just noticed a few of us have children born in 2009, DD's bday is next month and I am so excited that they will be 4 years apart, everyone i talk to with kids always say the wish they would have waited... how are all you 2009 mama's feeling about having 4 yr olds and newborns??
LUCKY!!! I wanted another girl, but am glad to also have a boy, and now you are getting both, how wonderful  with that said, good luck!! 
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