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We're in Louisiana and drive 40-50 minutes and it's worth it.
We have a Waldorf playroom, which I believe, overall, works much better for our daughters age range (2+). She likes to bring things out to the living room or wherever I am, but when it's time to clean up it all goes in one room, in it's own place.    Having things everywhere seemed to make AE think the whole house was her play space, but having a playroom makes her feel good about having her own place for her toys.
Justifying something is showing reason towards something done and I just wanted to see under which reasoning others choose to attend their school of choice, which just happened to be Waldorf. Whenever we used to attend our Waldorf group we never discussed why we love the choice of a Waldorf education for our children, we just knew it was the right choice.      But now we have moved to another state and our options are limited, so it's reassuring to be reminded...
I have finally caved and decided we want to attend the parent/toddler class or have AE attend the nursery program 2 days/ week.   It has taken a lot of my pride to put my home schooling aspirations on hold, but we have just moved half way across the country, my husband is in the military working 60+ hrs/ week and I would really like to feel apart of a community. I know its normal to feel like i'm being selfish because I know there are mothers who are able to balance...
We fly a lot, approx every 2-3 months, with just the babe, now 2.5, and I, ever since she was 10 months. I've only gotten patted down once, 3 months ago, at the Houston airport, it was kind of pointless, and took forever considering I had an active toddler I was trying to keep with in arms reach. It's hit or miss.
I nursed my babe for 18 months and I still have milk come out, 1 year later. You never technically "dry up" after your first child, your body will keep itself prepared till the next baby. (CLE)
I know someone who has three boys and describes similar situations, while also terrified at the thought of trying to have a girl, again. It seems, more often than not, that having more than one boy is a lot of work. One day at a time.
I went through the same thing throughtout elementary school and jr high because I couldn't compare myself to the other kids at my school, it wasn't til I met my best friend in high school where I was able to embrace who I was and find out who I wanted to become. I completely agree with your parenting choices, as I am working on parenting the same, I'm just choosing to homeschool or put her in a Waldorf school, aka like minded parents. From my personal experience, the...
I chose to be truthful in my response, so I thank you for giving me an honest opinion and I definitely agree it's something that needs to be closely observed, considering she initially used to call African Americans "Kobe Bryant". It's hard to get a different opinion sometimes because my friends aren't offended by anything, especially a two year old saying a word.We're all here to get support one way or another, it's completely understandable that I am unable to...
Sweet silver 's comment was very encouraging
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