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My babe doesn't notice tattoos, weight or hair color on people. She does notice darker skinned people and calls them "monkeys", I just ignore it and it has seemed to subside. But recently, during 4th of July, we we walking on the boardwalk and two older girls, who were African American (maybe 6/7) were whispering about how white she is and that it was weird and I immediately was in shock. It brought me to realize that the last thing I want is my daughter to feel insecure...
My babe was sleeping through the night at 6 months.
My husband has been living in NOLA for almost a year and we are finally going to live with him. We have already taken care of school, Waldorf School of New Orleans, but I need more information on Holistic resources in the area, such as grocery stores, doctors and pediatricians.   Thanks in advance :)
we are moving to NOLA next week :)
we are moving to NOLA next week :) AE is 2.5 next month.
Great question :)   I co sleep in the same room as AE and I put her to bed at 830-900 and I don't go to bed until 12, then we both wake up at 8-9 :)
AE has slept on her belly since day one, we co slept in the same bed for the first six months and are still co sleeping in the same room, she is now 2yrs 4mths.
The day i got home from the hospital, 3-4 days, i was up and getting new things for the baby, as i waited til' after she was born to decide what i needed.
I know exactly how you feel, i've been noticing the kindergarten graduations also and how weird it is to have that. I'm young, only 22, but even i didn't have a graduation or an emphasis on finishing any grade and i much prefer it that way anyways.   I myself am a little more outspoken, so i have commented on a "graduation" photo with "wow, her classroom looks a lot different than my daughters", the mother could've taken that either way, but i'm so glad i found...
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