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i'm not really teaching AE manners, considering she is only 2yrs 3 months. But i believe i lead by example because she already says, "pweez", "tank you" and my favorite, "squeeze me", which comes after she burps or something is in her way, including a table or toy.
I got mastitis three times in a row around 18 months due to AE losing interest in breastfeeding, she went from nursing for 10-15 minutes after nap and before bed time to 10-20 seconds before bed time, thus causing the blocked milk ducts. Although the pain was horrible, i was sweating prefusely and pretty much bed ridden I really wish I was still breastfeeding, just at night.
AE has slept on her belly on my chest since day one, it was the only way she slept.
I don't know if this is natural around this age, but my daughter AE, currently 27 months, is slowly starting to lose the rhythm we had for almost two years.   Here was her original rhythm of the day:   8am: wake up 830: morning snack/ relax in bed 930-10: make breakfast 10-12: go out/ errands 12: lunch 1:park 2-4: nap 4-6: indoor activity 6:dinner 8:bath 830: bed   But over the past few weeks she takes almost and hr or two to fall asleep,...
no guns in the home= no problems, period.
AE is currently 27 months and she started sleeping in a toddler bed 2-3 days ago.   We had the toddler bed out since her second birthday, to have her get used to it being there and she never slept in it. The other day we were at ikea and she saw her bed and jumped in and got under the covers, after seeing this I let her pick out a new set of sheets (which were the ones on display) and she's been sleeping in her bed since we got them. And yes, she rolls around a lot,...
Babies/ Toddler are too young to understand the word "no", it's good that you communicate with him by using other words. If it truly is becoming an issue you should enforce before it even happens.
Definitely depends on the child. As a natural parent I let AE (now 2yrs) take the lead. We currently go to a Waldorf inspired play group once a week, the children are with the teacher while the mothers are in a different room, she has been doing well these past few weeks, but today she really needed me to be there with her, which made me really appreciate the set up her group has because in any other preschool i would have dropped everything and drove back to be there...
put blackout shades near the window, then add curtains on the outside, we do this and it works great. other than that, if it owned the place I would invest in a custom order.
i do not like the name aubrey, at all and i'm not the only one.
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