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finally, a 20-22 week belly pic :) 2nd pregnancy :)
 I am right there with you :) I wasn't prepared with DD, so I made sure I was prepared for this baby and now I'm ready to go :P I'm know the baby still needs to cook for 4 more months, but I feel like it will be here quickly.... I just want to get labor over with, I did it all natural with DD and I wouldn't do it any other way. 
how many weeks are you?   I see the dr later this week and I'm sure this babe is going to be longer that DD, who was 21-22 inch at birth.
thanks for the info :) given the numbers above, our water would be considered hard, but not very hard. I have read all these horror stories of smells that wont go away, so if Rock In Green doesn't work, i'll try making my own. 
with twins I'd be more inclined to try cloth...a basic stash is only $200, which is the cost of disposables in 2 months, so as long as you try for two months it pays for itself....
so, i have a little dilemma, prior to moving into the home we are in now, I thought the water was hard based on how dry my skin gets when I wash my hands. But after using the water test strips, the water is actually between normal and a little hard. I won a bag of hard rock in green prior to knowing that my water wasn't hard, how much "hard rock" do you think I should use for normal water?
aveeno worked great with DD, I have since switched to California Baby.
oh my goodness, i'm so sorry... sending positive healing thoughts your way 
thanks for all the helpful replies... DD was long and skinny and this one is already following suit in the body type department... so when it come to buying clothes for cloth diapered bottoms, should I buy a size up?
I didn't cloth diaper w/ our first because we had planned on only having one and I didn't even bother to research :( Now that we are expecting #2 (who was surprisingly planned :)) I have done my cloth diapering research and I'm choosing to do it mostly because of the gross chemicals in disposables. This christmas I got tons of diapers, approx 20 and 25 prefolds/7 covers, so I should be set, I just need to supply the milk :P   So, out of curiosity, who has and/or will...
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