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As a real estate broker when markets are slow it is quite common to encourage you agents to work neighborhoods by making contact with homeowners that may be willing to list with you.  Also if your neighborhood is popular they may have someone interested but they are probably just looking for business.  Also if you are on the do not call list the agent should NOT be calling you at home as they are expected to to abide by that list as well.  Hope that helps  
my dh had the big V during a brief seperation because he felt done we reconciled one condition was a reversal  now he's refusing and I find myself in a very difficult place where I have to chose between what I want (a large family) and keeping the family we have together.    vasectomy has been hell for me   beside that huge feeling that he's broken it just seems unnatural to me that this man mutilated himself...
I'm sitting here making a list of meals to have over the next several weeks trying to go between things I have stashed in the freezer things I'll only need one or two ingredients for and a new dish here and there and it seems to be endless. How many different dinners or recipes would you say that you rotate through? Just curious what you ladies think is "average" Right now without really racking my brain I'm at 40. Thanks Megan
these are mostly sm/nb dipes but I'd be willing to pull out the m/l for you ifyou would like to have them please pm your mailing address. or you can pick them up in cambridge which would save me the shipping lmk. Thanks Megan
to live in a mix of great antiques and mod pieces (weird I know) with very little stuff, I love candles and candle light. Otherwise unless it's a necessity or used frequently I'd love to get rid of it. we have hundreds of cds dvds etc all sorts of "stuff" that we used for a minute but then forgot we have done most of the clothing it could probably stand one more pass I find it's the easiest to do as well.
We have to downsize and even if we didn't I'm tired of EVERYTHING. There are moments when I just want to grab trashbags and throw everything out. That said I feel bad what do you do about expensive items, hard to replace items and how do you decide about things you'll most likely use in the future but not for a year or so? Please help me start. I don't have time to list things in fsot or ebay. a single yardsale may be feasable but I'm not sure it's starting to...
I haven't posted in a looonngg time but I've got a pile of dipes, and since I don't have the time or patience to try and sell them (descriptions detailed photos multi shipments etc) I'd like to find a local mom that could really use them please pm if you know someone. thanks Megan
Quote: Originally Posted by pumpkin If your house is on the market, why do you have to leave it? Is it the cost of utilities? Consider blocking off portions of the house and living in fewer rooms to save on heat. You could even tape off rooms with plastic sheeting (though I would remove it whenever the house is being shown) That way you also don't have to pay for a storage unit. With gas prices and your commute, you may not be saving that much by...
Thank you Baraka for the support. Pro's Free / we can save money and still do stuff Waterfront (great fishing in the fall) Help with the children (I'll edit/add to this)
I'm not sure if I left some things out and it's not that your suggestions were not good. DH and DD work/school in the same area. I work 45 minutes from there. DS daycare is where I work. The new house is close to where I work old house is close to where DH/DD are. So we are both employed outside of our home full time. DH has just started a new business and I'm in business with my family. My grandparents are paying for DD's preschool (money has been paid for the...
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