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If you were diagnosed with GD while pregnant with twins can you please answer these questions?   Did you have 1 placenta or 2?   How many weeks when you delivered?   What were the weights of the babies?   Were you taking insulin?   If you did not take insulin, did you keep to a strict diet?   Thanks ladies, I failed my GTT and will be starting to monitor, but I've been doing a lot of research and there are some interesting papers out there...
thank you all for your responses!
My OB practice is very pro-vaginal birth for twins. The OB that I picked to see for the rest of my appts prefers his twins to be vertex and breech...he insists it's the easiest (for him) way to deliver. Once the vertex baby is out he pulls the breech baby out by the feet, no flipping.   Anyone have any comments about this? I really can't wrap my head around the idea of a breech baby being taken out in the breech position. My OB is very confident in the procedure and...
Can anyone give me some advice on which is best? I really want the cradle, but I'll be in my 3rd trimester in the dead of summer in the Northeast, I can barely tolerate those belly bands on shorts that go all the way up...so hot and uncomfortable.   I really need some support though, any advice would be appreciated!    
thank you everyone for the responses....i am glad i have a lot of options. did those of you using an arm's reach cosleeper, did any of you use the mini or was it the big one? 
Hi, thanks for your response. I plan to cosleep with them while I am breastfeeding, probably only for 3 mos - 6mos, until they can be moved to their own room in their own crib. I am wondering if putting them together in one crib, even at naptime, in their own room is safe. I fear one rolling onto the other and suffocating the other baby.
Hi everyone! I am due in August with twin boys. I have been desperately trying to get situated before I get too big. One of the biggest issues is cribs. I am inclined to get 2 cribs, however I have a crib from a previous baby...I have been reading and I know I can cosleep them in the beginning and use a crib divider. I have recently met some twin moms that never split them up, until they were 9mos-12mos...   Has anyone coslept their twins with no divider? It seems...
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