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fransluvbubba, don't get discouraged!! My first IUI didn't take and I was really bummed. My dr just reminded me that even couples having regular intercourse only have a 20% chance per cycle of conceiving. There are so many success stories with donor sperm insemination, I read a lot of those to keep my hopes up. AF arriving is always a blow though. 
 This looks promising!!! That's what my test looked like at 11dpo. It got darker the next day.  A m/c in Dec shouldn't affect pregnancy tests now. 
 I've had u/s done on various points of my cycle during fertility testing, each time looking for different things, like follicles, abnormal growths or scarring, etc. I hope you get some answers soon! Waiting makes time go so slowly..... 
 My family turned around pretty quickly after my dd was born. Hoping the same happens for #2. I haven't figured out how to break the news to my parents. The concepts of SMC and DI is completely foreign to them.  Wow, your cycle started so soon! How did you find out about endometriosis? I also starting wanting a second baby when dd was around 12 months.. but I didn't have periods yet. The surgery sounds like it would give you a lot of information. If you don't do the...
fransluvbubba, it's still early!!! it's not over until it's over! I totally understand. I started POAS on 8dpo and saw nothing until 11dpo, and still super faint and uncertain. Can't wait for your update!
I've already gained 4 lbs. I feel very bloated so I'm sure some of that is water weight.    I only gained 20-25 lbs with my last pregnancy, all of it in the first 7 months, so not sure what's happening right now. 
Lol, Chapsie. Are you anywhere near showing yet? And yes!! BELLY THREAD!! 
 Wow, by 7 weeks! Well, my jeans are too uncomfortable these days so I'm in yoga pants. I'm getting comments about weight gain already. 
fransluvbubba, 7 days makes such a big difference in the 2ww!!   galatea, I didn't know that about EPF.... that's fascinating. 
fransluvbubba-- progesterone helps prevent early miscarriages if the woman is deficient in progesterone. Progesterone is needed to sustain a pregnancy. You have to start taking it after ovulation if you do need it. I read it's too late to start progesterone after pregnancy is confirmed. Most women who take progesterone have either miscarried before due to low progesterone, or have confirmed short luteal phases from charting.   I took a few more tests (just 'cause I've...
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