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Tested again this morning (12dpo). I think this is it? Very excited and a bit scared now.   
 That's why I have a 25 pack of cheap test strips for $5... because I get the itch to test twice a day. Ugh, the cheapies don't work for early testing though, so I learned my lesson on that one. So far all bfn. 
@dmariev get lots of rest and stay positive.. easier said than done I know.. really hope everything turns out ok.    @rosie2727 i'm sorry to hear about the bfn.. but how do you know that bfp wouldn't show up later? Some ladies don't get bfps until well past when AF is due. Sorry, I'm just asking as I'm not sure how it all works. I took progest-e last cycle and AF arrived 13 days after ovulation so it didn't seem that progesterone delayed it.    @tinytina good luck on...
 That's great-- you guys will catch that egg!! :) Your dh is a good sport 
Against my better judgment, I tested again, rationalizing it's been 12 hours since the last test. A squinter, but it appeared before 10 minutes. Not sure if it shows up but here's a pic..    
@rosie2727 congratulations!! :)    @Kita4 I'm sorry to hear about your DH. I hope he changes his mind.. an SA would be so helpful and not hard for the guy. My ex and I ttc 2 years w/ nothing, and it turned out he had motility issues (I had issues too). A few months of supplements reversed that.    @Alivewithyou start trying! I started getting some ewcm 5 days before +opk.    @alittlemischief @jenjy i actually got more than a few BFN since I started testing at...
 Thanks! I've been taking Ray Peat's Progest-e. I took it last cycle and I think it helped somewhat..my LP was 13 days. I'm still not sure of the dosage though. I'm also trying to minimize nursing, or at least not nurse above the level that enabled me to ovulate, just in case.
 Could it be something else not related to the reproductive system? 
@tinytina thank you for starting the thread! :)   @t2009 nice lines!! what dpo are you?   to everyone else... good luck!! :)   11dpo here, nausea since 7dpo, and this morning's cheapie tests were inconclusive. I *think* I see lines under the light but doesn't show up in pics so maybe evap? Don't want to get my hopes up.. No digital tests available and EPT is $15 for 1 test, so I'll just wait. You ladies living on the mainland US are lucky, lol! If not pregnant, AF...
 Good luck!!! I'm using donor sperm too... definitely not cheap! I'm in my 2ww as well.
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