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 Could it be something else not related to the reproductive system? 
@tinytina thank you for starting the thread! :)   @t2009 nice lines!! what dpo are you?   to everyone else... good luck!! :)   11dpo here, nausea since 7dpo, and this morning's cheapie tests were inconclusive. I *think* I see lines under the light but doesn't show up in pics so maybe evap? Don't want to get my hopes up.. No digital tests available and EPT is $15 for 1 test, so I'll just wait. You ladies living on the mainland US are lucky, lol! If not pregnant, AF...
 Good luck!!! I'm using donor sperm too... definitely not cheap! I'm in my 2ww as well.
 I replay that ovulation time in my head all the time, wondering if the timing was right. I got +opk on CD 14 and CD 15 around 8pm. The IUI was done 10am on CD 15. Prior to the IUI, they confirmed I had not ovulated yet. My temp spiked on CD 16, so the ovulation was on CD 15. That second +opk really worried me though... next time I figure I should keep an extra vial in case the timing of the first IUI was too early. I was nauseated all day yesterday, moody, and tired. I...
 I'm sorry that this cycle is a no go, but good news that you found out about the infection and can get treated for it before next attempt. I'm a big fan of fertility testing just to know what's going on...
 Was your second IUI done after ovulation?  Do you want more than 2 kids? When I was researching on IUI vs IVF, I thought IVF might turn out to be more cost-effective since vials (and shipping for me) costs so much. With IVF you also get frozen embryos for future use, and they would all be full siblings.  I haven't heard back from the couple who used my donor. The Fairfax forum isn't very active, and this couple last posted in November 2013. I'm waiting to get pregnant...
 A very good reason not to be a size 6 :-)  
 Breast changes seem to be very common. I didn't want to nurse my dd in my last cycle because of tenderness, but wasn't pregnant. None of that tenderness this cycle. Occasional nausea only. I would expect that feeling nauseous to mean there's already enough hormone to show up on an hpt. 
For those of you who got BFPs before, what are your symptoms leading up to the bfp (if any)??   9dpo here and nauseated for the past 2 days, but BFN. I had mild nausea in my 2ww last cycle too so can't really count on that.. 
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