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For those of you who got BFPs before, what are your symptoms leading up to the bfp (if any)??   9dpo here and nauseated for the past 2 days, but BFN. I had mild nausea in my 2ww last cycle too so can't really count on that.. 
 congratulations!! :)
 Were your friends and family supportive of your decision before your had your first child? That's fascinating about your son's half siblings. Do you have a picture of your donor? Will you use the same donor for your next child? I hope the vit D helps. I never had my levels tested, but I spend at least 30 minutes a day under the sun because it makes me feel significantly better.  AFM, 9dpo here, and am pretty anxious. I felt nausea the last 2 days, but I also had mild...
 I'm sorry to hear that :(  Is it not possible to conceive w/ a bacterial infection? How did you find out?
 Good luck on your dr.'s appt! I hope you get some answers. I think it's great that you and your dh are on the same page about adoption. My ex-husband was against adoption and it made ttc very stressful because I felt so much pressure to conceive. 
 Unpaid account is working for me so far. I input temps, CP, CM, tests, and specifics. The chart is a useful visual for analyzing cycles. I occasionally browse the gallery for others' charts to see what pregnant vs ovulatory vs anovulatory charts look like. Helps me interpret my chart.  I never had a paid account so I'm not sure what I'm missing... 
 Sounds like you're really in-tune with your body!! :)  Are your cycles regular? I started learning more about fertility awareness when I realized after 2 years ttc that I wasn't going to get pregnant by just randomly BDing throughout the month. My periods were irregular and sometimes anovulatory though. 
 I took clomid last cycle while nursing my 33 month old toddler. I'd take Clomid around 8am after dd nurses, and my dd wouldn't nurse again at 6pm. My doctor wasn't concerned about Clomid whilst breastfeeding at all. 
prescottchels, good luck!! :)    CD 7 here, and I feel anxiety building up as I go into the second week of 2ww. I was pretty relaxed last week. Work was busy and thank goodness for that.    My father is visiting this week and I'm planning to tell him about my SMC decision. I'm sure he's going to react negatively (my family is very traditional) and that's causing anxiety too. 
I was in a similar situation a couple months ago. I kept my name, dd only had her father's name, and I have full custody of her. My ex and I discussed it, and he consented to add my last name (not hyphenated) on to dd's. My lawyer presented him with the papers, which my ex-husband signed before leaving the country. He wasn't present at the court hearing for the name change.    Besides wanting my daughter to have my last name, logically it's easier for...
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