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Hi, my 19 month old daughter is a patient of Joel Sawady at Cambridge Family Health in Inman Square and we love him! We have been seeing him since my daughter's birth and he has been very approachable and non-judgmental.  Although it's quite a busy practice, he never feels rushed and seems to really listen to our concerns.  He's got a very calm and gentle way about him.  We happened to have our 18 month check-up today and he spent ten minutes letting my daughter play...
Hi Folks,  I am looking for a part-time nanny for two days per week and would like to find someone who is AP friendly. I've interviewed a couple of candidates and when I mention babywearing or cosleeping, they act like I have two heads. Does anyone know of anyone or have suggestions for how to find a natural/ap nanny? Please PM me if you have any thoughts. Thanks,  Mariah
Where in MA do you live? If you're in the Boston area I would suggest you contact Greater Boston Legal Services or the Women's Bar Foundation Family Law Project. Both can offer you pro bono (free) legal assistance assuming you meet their income and eligibility guidelines.  Even if they can't help you, they might be able to refer you to someone who can. Have them look over the order and get their advice and see if you can file in MA instead. I had a wonderful...
I would suggest everything by Shannon Hale, starting with the Goose Girl and the other "Books of Bayern" series The Goose Girl is a retelling of the old Grimm fairy tale, but it becomes a series set in a mythical collection of kingdoms. All of her novels feature really strong, interesting, brave and kind girls and women and I have read them over and over as an adult!   I would also recommend Graceling by Kristin Cashores and of course "Ella Enchanted" by Gail...
I've had a similar shift regarding the homeless in my city.  I imagine them as babies and think how heartbroken their mamas must be that they're living on the streets. I've also become much more aware, worried and saddened by environmental degradation and climate change.    This is my kid's world they/we/I am wrecking!    
I met a German mother today who told me that she and her friends used orris root teethers and found them really helpful. After a quick google search, I found a link to retailers in Europe http://www.earthmother.ie/products/Iris-Root-for-Teething-Babies-%252d-Great-Natural-Teether.html. Has anyone heard of this or know where to get one in the U.S.?
Either one works for me! Maisie's not feeling well, so I won't be at the LLL meeting. Can you let me know when the next one is? Thanks!
Motherhood is hard enough without proper sleep.  My heart goes out to you.  Italian Mom is right that getting more daytime sleep should help at night.   Here are some of the things that have worked for us for daytime naps:   1. Baby Hammock:  My mom got us this one before she was born and it has saved us.  It has a really responsive spring that is instantly soothing.  She takes all of her naps in it and sometimes when she's fussy during the day, I'll put her in...
So many cute babies!  I've admired them all but have been bad about sharing my own pics. Here's Maisie at Halloween (she's a garden gnome)     And here she is at Christmas.
Hi.  Congratulations on your son's birth!  We had a home birth for our daughter Maisie almost 5 months ago.  I live near Harvard Square (also without a car) and would love to meet up.  PM me and we can make a plan. Best,  Mariah
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