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Hi I am in Lancaster, but you are well within my range. I am a newly trained doula (Feb. 2012) and working towards certification....therefor I am charging very little (i do not accept medicaid). Please contact me for more information  jessica@thelogcabindoula.com or 740-243-9444.     thanks! jess www.thelogcabindoula.com
PM me. I can give you the names and numbers of a couple women, in your area, who might be able to help you.
I still haven't heard anything back from them, as well. I am also NOT recommending ALACE/IBWP to anyone...it is truly sad what ALACE has now become.   I, too, will be filing a complaint with the BBB. Rachel, I read that too, on the BBB website there is a previous complaint against them - for the very same reasons, imagine that!!!   -Jessica
hi everyone!   i was wondering if anyone has had any experience working with the ALACE (now the International Birth and Wellness Project) and their CBE program. i was drawn to it because it was originally devolped my midwives and followed a natural/holistic approach. their website seemed professional and legit...plus, it offered a payment plan. i emailed them telling them i was interested and someone got in contact with me right away. it seemed to be everything i was...
Hello! I am in the Lancaster, OH area and am looking for a preceptor/apprenticeship or shadowing/brith assistant opportunity in Ohio. At this time, I'm not willing to relocate, but am willing to drive anywhere in the state. I am currently a student midwife at Sacred Mountain Midwifery School, in WV, expected to graduate in November 2011. The program is comprised of monthy, weekend intensives (with CPM skills signed off) and self study with preparation for the CPM exam...
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