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Take one day at a time. Enjoy every minute, every grunt, and even cry. They grow up too fast and will soon be running and talking and not want you to hold them and love on them. Don't buy one of every new toy out there, or lots of clothes. it just adds more to your stress of picking up ALL those "cool" toys and all those clothes they only wore 1 time before they outgrew them. It just adds more stress to you and your wallet. Make meals ahead of time or have some friends...
How we announced our 2nd Baby, due Aug 2nd.
My cousin who is a massage therapist says you can massage a pregnant woman's feet. BUT you are not to massage around the ankle bones as that is the area that has the pressure points that can send you into labor. so get a foot massage just avoid that area during the massage.
Shopping on a budget does take time to figure out but once you got it it is super easy. If you don't know what prices are at other stores take a notebook and write down what each stores prices are for the foods you buy most often and shop at those stores where it is cheaper. I have learned that it works best when I make up a menu for 2 weeks, go through cook books, look online for easy good recipes. ( less or more weeks if you like ) using up foods that you already...
I like Bella Luna Toys on Facebook too  
I liked mothering on fb  
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