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Beautiful story! It sounds like even with nursing challenges you are enjoying your time with your sweet baby! They change so fast!
I started this pregnancy about 20 overweight (after working really hard to lose 20 lbs), gained 40 over the pregnancy, lost 20 in 3 weeks and at 6 weeks post partum I have only lost 22 lbs. so have 18 to go before I am back at being 'only' 20 lbs overweight. It is driving me crazy, but I am trying not to flip out that I am back where I started when I worked so hard to lose that first 20 lbs. Ugh. I don't seem to lose any weight until baby is around 6 months old....
well said!!! Life is too short for mommy guilt!!
We use a pacifier. My oldest would take one and sucked his thumb and it was awesome! Thumbs are free and you can't lose them in the middle of the night or drop them on the walmart bathroom floor. My second is a binkie baby and it drives me nuts so I was determined to never ever let #3 use a pacifier. Um, yeah. Not so much. I try to limit it, but he is not a calm baby like #2 was, so we use the pacifier to make it through 'the evening fussies'. I had to remind myself that...
We have tried and tried and tried to not get battery operated toys and without fail every Christmas and Birthday we get loads of it. We have just flat out just said "no batteries" and it doesn't work. My husband's grandma feels sorry for our kids that they don't have 'fun' toys. She raised 4 kids 60 years ago without those 'fun' toys and they turned out just fine...   We also had a wipes warmer with the first and it dried the wipes out so we donated it also. I hate the...
That is awesome! We have no routine, at least not for the baby (also three weeks). I am jealous!!
I love seeing the baby pictures!!!!     Here are my 3 boys. Baby is 2 weeks old!
Amazing story. Great job too! Congratulations!!!
Great news! You are right about it being temporary. It sounds like you are doing a great job! Hang in there
Great story! Good job too. I think it can be helpful to have someone to yell at in labor that you kbow you probably won't see again. Enjoy your new baby!
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