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I tie the knot approximately in the middle of the strings and I usually don't wash more than 3 of those at a time since I have a lot of other diapers (mostly fitteds made by me).  I assume you use the same type of machine (i.e. a front-loading one) as I do since I see that you live in Germany.   Bamboo is more absorbent than cotton, but it also depends on the type of bamboo fabric.  I would recommend trying bamboo fleece that weighs at least 16 ounces per yard.  Keep in...
How do you make the liquid and how much do you use in the wash? Thanks!    
Those diapers require an insert (see pictures here). Have you been using one?  
I've never had wet ties. I think it really depends on what insert you put in the diaper. I use bamboo fleece most of the time... a few layers of it.  
  I take the two string together and put a knot in them. It looks something like this here, but tighter. That seemed to have solved the problem for me. Just don't make the knot too tight :D 
Is that a Canadian or American co-op?  
  I did exactly the same thing :D    
I hated the marks that the snaps left on my little one's skin.  The snaps aren't always exposed though, so some people don't notice until their baby gets bigger.
If it's not "hygienic" then what do they think about washing underwear? Flats are great for washing and drying.  The easiest way to use them is to pad fold them and use them with a well-fitting cover. It's not a lot of extra work. I'm cloth diapering my second now (and doing some ECing) and it's not a huge amount of work.  I do find the ECing a bit time consuming, but it will save you some time later since you won't have to deal with toddler potty training.  Just don't...
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