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Does this mean you have 5+ savings accounts open with ING?I read this thread often and would like to join the conversation next month. I'm getting my finances in order and organizing. I have quite a bit of debt.. mostly school debt.. and have been working all year to get it down but things always come up. I'd like to get a better grasp on where my money is going and what I really need to be spending on. I'll post next month and introduce myself.
If you love it, go for it. Though I do prefer the coo-cullan pronunciation to yours. I REALLY wanted to name my daughter Paikea. No one liked it. Got references to IKEA though the last two letters sound more like ya than ee-ah. Anyways, we went with another unique name that her father actually agreed on, but had he liked Paikea, I would've ignored all of the comments and gone with it. If that's the name you love, stick with it.
If it's making you anxious I would say don't bother. Offer LO chunks of whatever you're eating but don't goout of your way to fix something for LO. Now's the time to let LO taste, experiment, feel.. but don't worry about nutrition. Your bm is more than good enough. For DS (28 mths), the only thing I'd do differently is offer way more veggies. He loves his fruit but it's tough to get him to eat veggies. Truthfully, it's probably because we eat so few veggies.
RR- I got back on schedule and did 6.5kms. I guess that week off did me some good. I was able to go the whole way without walking. 45 minutes! I think that's a first. During my cool down/walk home I immediately felt faint - hearing loss and all.. not sure if it's dehydration or maybe I need to up my iron intake. Either way, just glad to get that run in.
Jaysfamily, like a PP mentioned, I don't use any products on my baby's or toddler's heads. They get a bath when visibly dirty (Dr. Bronner's for the toddler, just water for the baby). I've never used shampoo or conditioner on my 2.5 year old. He was born with hair and his hair today looks great and his scalp is in great shape. My 3 month old has had her hair wet with water maybe 3 times. I won't use anything but water for her either. I definitely think you should try to...
RunningMommy, it's not an app. Just scroll to the bottom of the home screen and you'll have the option to choose mobile.
DS is in a Graco My Ride 65 Convertible Car Seat. It rear faces to 40 lbs. DS is 34+ lbs and 35 inches tall.. I can't remember this seat's specs on height restriction for RF but that should be easy to find in a Google search.
1jooj - thanks for the mental picture of the rolling waves. The few moments I took to envision where you are was very calming. As for personals, please forgive me as I get to know everyone. I'm reading through the thread and wondering how some of you remember so much once you post but I realize you all know each other already. RR - this does mean running related, right? - I haven't got a run in since last Sunday. I was supposed to do 6.5km on Tuesday and so on. I wasn't...
I'm sorry, Shantimama. I had my 2 cats put down this year. They were too old and their bodies were failing them. It's so hard. Wishing your family peace.
I'm so happy Mothering went mobile! I may be able to post now instead of just reading all the time. Thank you all for the welcomes. I've signed up for a few races but I've only ever run a 5km and a 10km. I actually feel like I'll do this one. My sister is doing it with me so that's probably part of it. Shanti- those smoothies sound delicious. I've been counting on protein shakes to get my day started. Can anyone recommend a delicious protein powder? Mel38- DS has just...
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