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Thanks for the replies. Our doctor only recommends Vitamin D in the D-drop form but I'll look in to the vit A and SA. Thanks again.
The baby just turned 1 month old but we'll see him often for family get-togethers and I'm quite sure his parents will have him fully vaxed and on schedule.
What concerns, if any, should I have about my unvaxed 14 month old son being around a recently vaxed baby?   Thanks for any input or links to more information.
Oh please someone respond to this post! I was just about to post an almost identical post but thought I'd look to see if there were already some answers and suggestions. I am now at a point where I need to ask, how do I get my son to fall asleep? How do people do it?   DS is almost 13 months and I've always nursed him to sleep. Sometimes it wouldn't work and then we'd drive him or walk him (takes more time) to sleep. Now, he won't fall asleep for nap time or night...
Expat-mama, would you be able to find out where the djembe was bought? I'd love to get DS one.    
I just got the baby unscented one too. I want to use it for a body wash. How do you use it? What do you keep it in?  
For DS I use a STRETCH Bamboozle fitted diaper with the clip on doubler folded once toward the front with a Mother-ease bamboo doubler laid on top of that and a piece of fleece cloth laid on top of that. Then I cover the whole thing with a Blueberry cover. Like the PP said, it never leaks but it is always soaked since DS nurses through the night.  
The one day, since I made the original post, that we had an early start (6:30am) went just like you said with the 2, 3, 4 pattern. He went to sleep between 7pm and 8pm and then he was up from 11:30pm to 1:30am and then didn't wake up till the late morning the next day. I'm not a night person so this scheduling of late nights wasn't of my doing, I was just following his cues and putting him to sleep when he was tired and letting him wake up on his own. Did you have to wake...
We have a king sized bed and between DS, DP and I, I always feel cramped and can barely turn over without banging in to someone so I don't think getting a bigger bed will necessarily solve your problem. DP and I are average sized people, though he is on the muscular side.
Hey Joesmama, No expert here but DS generally wakes between 2-6 times every night and has always done so. For us, it's normal and just the way it is. I am feeling the tiredness of not getting a full night's sleep in over a year and I can't really imagine doing this and being pregnant so I feel for you. You mentioned your DS is up all night long... is that until you nurse him or regardless of whether or not you nurse him? It seems like if you're going to nurse him...
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