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the biophysicl looks for certain things being present. breathing signs? check. heart beating? check. baby moved? check. amniotic fluid present? check. you pass!!the nst looks at the over all heart rate and if there are fluctuations when mom is eating, moving or just aggitated. they also want momma to feel a certain number of movements in a certain amount of time.the biophysical is more qualitative where the nst is quantitative.sorry for typos and lack of punctuation......
I'm 37 weeks and 3 days right now.  I guess my fear is, something isn't okay now (his heart rate isn't fluctuating like they want it to, no matter how much stimulation they give) and they're wanting to wait until something else goes wrong and then shows up on the ultrasound.  I'm not really sure I'm willing for something else to go wrong... :(  I want to wait, and I know intervening horribly increases my chances of a section, but in the end, I want a healthy, whole...
Last night we were all but convinced my fluid was leaking. I was having fairly regular contractions, though they were far apart. We decided to get checked out just to be sure, especially as it was my doctor on call last night.    My fluid wasn't leaking, but baby decided to, once again, fail the non-stress test. Doc redid the cervical sweep, just in case it would kick things into high gear. (It didn't). I was sent home with an ultrasound booked for 9am.    We...
 I'm so sorry this has been so rough! I hope the full moon helped at least somewhat, or that you've been able to get some rest. 
    Wow! o_O That's just not right!
That is freaking amazing!!!! I'm afraid to share this story because of how many people on my facebook who are convinced I'm having secret twins! It would just encourage them.
Thank you so much for sharing this story! I think I really needed to read it, because the healing of the grief she's been carrying is exactly what I'm hoping to experience with the birth of this baby. All of the anxiety and fear and grief I've been trying to soothe with Hypnobabies and therapy and counselling I am really hoping come to a close with the birth of this baby. 
casmer - Me too!!!! I honestly didn't expect to make it this far at all!! Especially when things got insane. :)
I woke up this morning with the realization: "Holy crap! I'm full term!" I've never had a full term pregnancy! I've never been as far along as I am right now.    Now get him out. :P 
Cristeen, can I move in with you for... ever? You've made me hungry when I really haven't been for days!!!
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