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Been reading along, trying to pay attention, but unfortunately my migraine is making it impossible.  I just want to puke... Well time to start supper prep while Eli sleeps for a bit more otherwise we are not going to eat today lol...
Hugs, big hugs Kirsten. Sitting with a hot water bottle behind my back ... My lower back is so freaking sore... *sigh* Eli is on a mission, and I am so tired of asking him NOT to stomp thigh the apartment this late at night.
Aww Kirsten.... I am so sorry! Big hugs!
Still no AF.... *sigh*. Will retest after payday (Friday) since POAS are quite expensive here
Morning all! Slept like crap (what's new) and feeling cranky... Need a cup of something to make it better....
HugsAF still hasn't showed but both tests I took a few days ago were negative, I do have some pregnancy symptoms but at this point I am just rolling with the idea that I might not be pregnant rather than being disappointed by getting my hopes up. I may re-test towards the end of next week if AF still hasn't showed
Wow, so much to read ...I think my brain is going to explode. Lol I need to suck it up and turn the heat it's been way too cold in our room at night. The windows are poorly insulated and the cold radiating through them sucks! Our day was cold and quiet, not much screen time...
Our kitchen is tiny and has NO counter space, so on top of the fridge is the only space for it. We don't use it a lot, mostly for reheating things, so it isn't a big deal that it is up high:)
Awesome Sara! I love how he has three spoons in his bowl. Due to space limitations our micro is on top of the fridge, quite high, I have to stand on my tip toes to reach the stuff inside Slept okay, still tired. Must also go make breakfast Eli is begging for food and I can use a cup of tea...
That is a really powerful idea, yk being able to look at it as an opportunity to start new... Hard as it may be... *hugs*
New Posts  All Forums: