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[quote name="Mal85" url="/community/t/1390805/october-2013-chit-chat/1380#post_17487472" Sonja, how late are you? Do you remember how far along you were when you found out with Eli? I don't get positives until I'm 5-6 weeks in. At least that's how it's gone for me so far. My period was two weeks late with Greta, got a negative, started a round of Provera to kick start a cycle and got a positive test several days into that. I know you probably don't want to obsess over it...
People doubt Eli is under 2, most people think closer to 3 because he is so tall, and in Canada you are required to have the kid's birth certificate on you when you fly. People were skeptical when I said he was under 2 in the summer when we flew, so it was nice to be able to say: "do you want proof" lol
Eli needs to be dressed at all times. He HATES being naked (unless in the tub) and cries if he is naked. He is fussy with sleeves, the can't be rolled or pulled up, and he needs pants, otherwise he tries to pull his shirts all the way over his knees. Socks and shoes only for when we go out. As for eating, I actually have to pay attention and feed him, he wanders off too, and if I put him in his high hair he just pushes his food around or dumps bit by bit on the floor. ...
Still negative negative I guess I should assume that the symptoms are randomly from something else And that my missed period is just missing I was getting kinda excited. *sigh*. Oh well
I am too scared to test and have it come up negative.  *sigh*  I think I jinxed it ...
I will test tomorrow morning ;)
I don't know what I am going to do if the test comes back negative again.   No joke, I have all the symptoms and they aren't all in my head.  Probably will have to go to the clinic and have some bloodwork done.  Either that or I miscalculated my dates, and it is still too early to test.  *sigh*
Awesome laughed so hard about the sympathy pee on a stick
Yea no cheapies here Otherwise I would have a whole drawer full. We didn't really ttc, umm... One night of romance lol without protection. Took us 9 months last time so wasn't too concerned about it...oh well. I have slight baby fever anyways so whatevs. Going to go get a test as soon as dh leaves for work. I will wait till the morning to test though, don't want to waste it.
Can't afford to buy that many tests and supposedly it's better to do it first thing in the morning. I am going to be nervous all day though lol.
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