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Hi, my son was born at brooklyn birthing center and I have served as a doula at SLR. I would be happy to share stories about both places with you, if you'd like.
i loved LOVED loved Nikki Cotton covers on my newborn. we used mostly fitteds, but they worked well with prefolds, too.
Quote: Originally Posted by peapiebaby I got burned w/ the sample, too (mine never showed, then was resent, then never appeared.) I was very leery of trying them again but have since been pleased. Also, as far as fit goes, from what I can tell w/ names, etc..., it seems the woman w/ Swaddlebees also is the owner for Blueberry? Anybody else know any more? So the fit might be very comparable. I have a chubby legged baby so don't have to worry about...
sorry you didn't enjoy the pattern. i'm still not very clear on what you found confusing. it's a free pattern, and a lot of people have knit soakers from it. I get emails from many of them, and I've tried hard to clear up any confusing language. I can't gather from your post what you don't like about it, just that you were so disappointed in the way it was written. I'd love to fix the pattern to avoid further disappointment for you and other knitters. Many people write...
the ones with music boxes inside get sliced open, i remove the music box, sew it back up and wash. then slice, reinsert music box, and sew up again. anything cotton or synthetic goes in the washer, not the dryer. i hand wash the ones i knit or anything else that's hand-made and has wool.
i can't recommend the Stokke chair highly enough. we got ours as a hand-me-down but now that i've used it, i think it's worth the money, and i will definitely buy one for our second child rather than bumping the older kid from hers. for the first time ever our (then) 3.5 year old sat through an entire meal without squirming or complaining. she is comfortable and calm. she had been in a regular chair since she was about 18 months old. http://www.stokke.com/
i've been loving Very Baby AIOs on my newborn - she sells the pattern and materials to make them, i think (i don't sew so i'm not 100% sure). everyone who's seen them has been impressed with how easy they look. i think they're a good choice for someone who is apprehensive.
never changed my name. never wanted to. husband's name is long and hard to pronounce (italian) and in italy (where we moved shortly after marrying) the woman never takes the man's last name. so if i was going by my last name in one country anyway, it made sense for me to keep it everywhere. kids have husband's name. again, it's how they do it in italy, we have no options - if the father is on the brth certificate the kid gets his name, period. i thought about using my...
my concern would be the health of the mother- so i guess it's the other mother's milk i would object to. I'd be concerned about what she might pass to my baby.
i have a motherhood/mimi/pea in the pod combo store nearby. they have comfy couches in the center of the store with toys for toddlers and a TV showing wiggles or some other kids music videos. and every time i've been there with a baby they say "you can nurse on the couches" and they bring me water, OJ, and snacks - free of charge. they always just punch in 99999 for the zip code without asking - though once one person asked me "you don't want to be on the mailing list,...
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