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    We were part of the solar system this year. I am 9 months pregnant, and my son is really into space. He suggested that I go as Mother Earth and the costumes took off from there.
I was asked by several people "If it was planned?" Yes, this is our third child, but is there something wrong with that? I have always wanted a large family. People just don't think. I felt like responded. "No, it was a huge mistake. In fact we are thinking of naming the child "Accident" so that there will be no doubt in everyone's mind." LOL
BeautifulMoon: I have had a similar experience. I work in retail and I had a woman say to me, "Oh, baby is coming any day now?"  I smiled and responded, "No, not until November." She looked at me from the side and said, "Umm....twins then?" I smiled again and said, "Nope, just the one baby." Her eyes became huge and she said, "Wow, that is going to be one BIG baby." I gritted my teeth and told her, "Nope, just your average sized infant. I appreciate your...
I would suggest having your DP read the Cutting Kids article from Mothering Magazine. I was preggo with my son (our first child) when my husband and I began discussing the circ or not to circ debate. I had never heard of Mothering Magazine at the time, and I was walking past the magazine rack at my favorite local health food store, when I noticed a picture of a baby on a magazine. Part of the large print read: Cutting Kid: The Circumcision Debate. I immediately picked it...
I think you should be fine, especially because you are used to camping. I would suggest bringing some type of air mattress or at least a mat to lay below your sleeping bag. This will help cushion you a bit. Why not try camping outside of your house for a night when you get closer to see what it is like on your body. I would hate for you to miss the wedding of a good friend. I think in the long run you will be glad you did it.
I had my first doctor appt yesterday. Heard the baby's heartbeat for the first time. Although it is my third baby, I still had tears in my eyes when I heard it. So reassuring! I like my doctor so much. He was my doctor for my first two pregnancies. When he walked into the room, he gave me a big hug and said, "Thank you for choosing me to once again go on this journey with you." It is so wonderful to find that kind of bedside matter.   I hope all of you are having...
My period returned after 11 months with my first pregnancy 12 months with my second pregnancy. However, I bled heavily postpartum 12 weeks with both. I did not even know it was possible to bleed that long! I breast fed that entire time, and I became pregnant with my second child the month after my period returned. :-)
I had a false positive for Downs with my daughter 3 years ago. It was heartbreaking and we could not get a conclusive answer without an amnio. The neonatologist that we were sent to was a total jerk. He did not even speak to me when he came into the room. He just told the nurse to prepare me for the U/S. I tried introducing myself and he grunted at me. He ended by saying. "Well, it looks okay." I said with joy, "So my baby is healthy?" He said, "I never said that. I am...
I am from a proud Irish family, and we told everyone about the wee leprechaun to be on Saint Patrick's Day. It seemed fitting. :-)
Have you tried using the basq product called "Rebalancing Facial Cleanser"? It is awesome. basq is a pregnancy skincare line. They have all different items but my favorite is the facial cleanser. It uses Oak Root Extract to keep away blemishes and Ylang Ylang to balance your skin. It is great! I used it with my 2nd pregnancy, in between and now with my third. You can find it at Destination Maternity, Pea in the Pods...etc. Or you can just go to their website basqnyc.com
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