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We live in the Lake Hills area, and I just love it here. It isn't Ballard or Wallingford, but depending upon where in the neighborhood you live, you can walk to things, crime is fairly low, and there is more economic and social diversity than there is elsewhere in Bellevue. Our neighborhood elementary (Spiritridge) is well-loved by our neighbors, but there are others in the Lake Hills neighborhood that aren't as good. The general feeling I get is an elementary school...
Hi Danidama---I grew up on NoVA, but have been here in Bellevue, WA for 10 years. I don't know that we'd get out to Woodinville often enough to be a great match, but I'd love to start meeting up with folks more often, now that summer is here. I have a DS who is 6.25 and a DD who is 3.25.
It has been shown that degree of damage in a crash is more a factor of how far above the ground your head is when you fall than how fast you are going. I wouldn't do this primarily because the baby would be up so high---think about even just dropping them from that height, much less at any sort of speed.
Tonight we're having this soup: roasted sweet potato apple soup with some blue cheese and crusty bread. Simple, veggie-ful, and the kids can drink it with a straw. We'll probably put some plain yogurt in each bowl for extra protein.
Man, hugs to you. Mine are closer together, but the same problem. My older child doesn't want to be alone (terrified!), but just doesn't want her into his business. Ever. Nearly three years into it, he still regularly asks if we can get rid of her, and longs for the days when it was just the two of us during the day. I'll be watching for suggestions from those who have been there, and have reached the other side. There is another side, right? RIGHT?
I totally think that this is an issue between your brother/SIL and your parents. Keep on calling your parents what they want to be called, and just don't enter the discussion.
New here! I'm back into running as of two weeks ago, after recovering from a broken toe. My kids didn't have school today, so I didn't get out for my morning run. I'm hoping to get to the gym tonight to run on the treadmill, just so I don't lose my schedule or my momentum, but DH is late getting home from work. Eek! I'm hoping to better my 5k time this month---as of Friday it was 35:10.
Does he need shampoo? I don't think I've ever put shampoo in my childrens' hair (5.5 yo and 2.75 yo) and their hair is GREAT! Sometimes they get it wet in the bath, sometimes not....just a thought, if he is itchy, maybe just try going without.
We don't really cook red meat in our pans, but we do cook bacon. This makes the same kind of residue you're talking about---a coating on the bottom of the pan that, if not removed, makes other food stick. You can use salt to scrub it out of the pan, then re-season. Our classic problem is making bacon, then draining off the fat and trying to cook scrambled eggs. They stick every time, if we don't clean the pan first. If we just start from scratch and cook the eggs, they...
I adore the Turkish Spinach Lentil Soup from the Sundays at Moosewood cookbook. I have found several adaptations of it online, but none of them (of course) are just the same. Try checking the book out from your library---it's worth it, and my kids gobble it up, even the spinach.
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