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I feel good about my Kindle...I travel free of bookcases...and I found nice book to read for .99c and useful too "Travel Happy, Budget Low" LOLz! ~ Sorilla  
I've just found nice looking (on my iPhone) site with some free e-books to download, yay! Its called ThriftyReads,just designed for me, I am a thrifty number one, lol!
I am an avid reader and curious to know if your kids read now days in electronic format only?! And if yes, would a Kindle be a good thing to give a kid as a present? In my view the advantage is that it is a READING device , not PLAYING. Am I right? All the best, ~ Sorilla, always read, lol
Do you work out every day? Is it possible?
I am so needing the schedule!!! I leave without it, I do not know how I survive, lol.
Your signature does not reflect the tone of your  post! What's the problem?! Cheers ;)
I think that it is your full time job to look after the house and the children. It is equal to the DH's job in any way, including having entitlement for the weekend ;)!
Work out not only good for your body but also for your mind! Cheers :)
Work out, it takes time and brings good mood ;) Get an e-reader so you can download free and quite cheap good books ;) Cheers!
Yap, HUGS to you!!!
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