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Hazel Daniella Born via waterbirth 12/17/11 7lbs. 5oz 20 inches long
After birth glow :) Beautiful name, beautiful baby... I too will have two little girls soon! Congratulations!!!
At my last weekly appointment, my midwife asked if she could paint a "2-D" Ultrasound (painting of my baby)... It was alot of fun, and great bonding. My 5 year old daughter (Rhiana) loved watching her sister (Hazel) being watercolored on my big belly and learning more about baby position, placentas, and umbilical cords. Rhiana is as eager for this impending birth now as we are! My fiance joined us for the belly painting, you can spot him in one of the photos looking...
38 Weeks with my second daughter
I would like to be added as well!
We just found out on Monday that we are having another little girl as well!
I am already on the due date list, but after my ultrasound on Monday my due date has moved up to December 19th, not December 24th. I am excited about gaining almost a week! Thank you :)
Who is still working? I have worked my full to part time shift as a waitress for almost two years now, and have found the non-stop, on my feet all day, waiting on people, & exposure to food/smells very difficult so far this pregnancy! (Think diner...eggs, meat, potatoes, burgers, etc) Some days I have to be there at 5:30am, not pleasant. Don't get me wrong, this is a job I LOVED prior to pregnancy.  I am due to stop working on September 2nd (and I am counting the days!)...
We have not bought much...a few organic footed pajamas, and a few things here & there from the thrift store. We are waiting to find out gender (Next Monday the 25th!) and then I will know if I am going to be reusing some of my daughter's baby clothing, or needing to get a few less feminine outfits (although I am much more of a purple/green person vs. pink/blue). I have learned though that less is more where baby stuff is concerned! Seems to multiply itself around the...
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