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I have never read anything about teething relating to the blood brain barrier. So I don't really have an opinion on this
the rates of deafness are extremely low - much less than 1%.  Severe cases are very very uncommon.
This isn't alarming, IF the child is healthy and doing well, and IF the stools aren't too foul or runny. Soft serve ice cream sounds ok. 
the ONLY reason to get the oral polio drops is if polio is coming back to Mexico. So far, I have not heard anything about polio coming back to any part of North America, Central, or South America.  So, I would not recommend the oral polio if you've already had the injected polio. If I am wrong, and polio IS coming back, then I am not sure the best course of action. Those with the injected series can still catch the germ, and spread it, BUT they won't feel sick from it...
Polio is no longer there - hasn't been for many years. As for the rest, that's not a question I'd like to answer on this forum. In general, I tell people they don't have to vaccinate for vacation travel.  This, however, is more exposure than normal vacation travel would be. I don't know enough about the diseases where you are going.  Here's what you could do.  Look at the CDC site for disease info where you are going. Contact your family there and find out if there's real...
I view topical fluoride as controversial as well. I don't think the research gives us a clear answer. In light on that, I usually tell patients NOT to do it, since we don't know it's safe.
probably never
I don’t know of any supporting data. My answer is really just based on my opinion.
no, I wouldn't recommend vaccinating in this case
hi - sorry I missed this post earlier.  I know it's been a while.  How is everything going now?  Overall, this is too medically complicated for me to be able to give  you specific guidance over a forum like this.
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