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I go to the gym. Not sure if you have one near you, but my gym daycare has a volunteer option that you work in the daycare for a few hours a week and then you get your membership free. I don't do that now, but it worked great when my dd was smaller. Working out is the greatest stress release for me! --Angela
Right now I'm taking care of two little ones and I can bring my 3.5 yr old girl with me. its not a huge amount of money though, but that's an idea. good luck! --Angela
Yes I did, and that is when my water broke, apparently it was a sign! Not much though, I didn't feel sick for very long.
I"m so glad to hear things are good for you now! That's what we all strive for, to balance life. Don't worry about money, you will figure it out, at least your not in the immediate situation of having to find something. Feels good huh! Welcome back to Canada too I'm in Toronto ! I'm moving out this month for exactly the same reason, but I'm not moving far, just enough to get away from X's stuff, lol. CONGRATS! --Angela
Canadian chick, where in canada are you that you can pay $60 a month for daycare!! My dd is $530 a month for three days a week! --Angela Quote: Originally Posted by canadianchick My mom and I were just figuring my budget out the other day so I guess I'll jump in here...... Income $1900/mo C/S 450/mo Rent $775/mo Electric 100/mo Cable/ internet 100/mo Cell 100/mo DD's riding ...
Thank you everyone for your replies! Sometimes its hard to stay positive, but your all right, it is what I make of it, so in that case I want it to be good! I'm not worried about humidty, there is carpet and central air is included in the cost, it seemed really cool down there! Thanks again, I'm going to try some of the suggestions, mainly the ones about being positive! --Angela
Thank you for your replay Cycle. I can't believe how much my every day decisions revolve around dd, let alone something huge like a move! I just worry about the lack of light in a basement, but there are SO many positives to the place, saving money is one of the biggest! I'm still very nervous about it all, AHHH --Angela
Hi all! I'm in the process of being approved for a new apartment that would cost me about $150 less a month then the place I'm in now. The only thing is it is a basement apartment and we are now living in a very spacious 2nd floor one. Its a little smaller, but a lot darker, although its not your typical basement. There is a great yard that we would have access to and its a nice neighborhood. I'm just nervous about going into a smaller and darker place. Has anyone...
Hi! My dad is forever making my DD say please and thank you. Now, my DD has great manners and I've never really felt the need to MAKE her say anything like that, she just does. My father is VERY controlling and thinks its his place to correct my DD, and to withhold things [like food or something like that] until she says please and thank you. This really bothers me, I can remember him doing the same to me and it did not make me feel good. I know this is MY child...
Two very good suggestions! pbandj, I'll try the box by the door, I also think I need to just sort through as well. cdmaze, I DO like having toys in different areas, I guess its just getting out of hand. I don't like a lot of her toys [plastic dora castle for example] but they were gifts and she loves them. Maybe I just need to tuck those ones in the bedroom thanks! --Angela
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