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I am currently studying to be a trainer, in Canada it will be can-fit pro certification. i'm having problems getting to the course though, its a LOT of hours and I just can't leave dd for that long, like 16 hours on the weekend so the course will have to wait and i'll study in the meantime!
I've always had concerns about my dd's eating, where other kids around her would be eating solids, she is still eating mostly puree foods at 20 months. She refuses everything else except for crackers, raisions and apples. Sometimes crackers is all she will eat! I"m a vegetarian and so is she so i haven't tried meats, but she wont eat eggs, beans, nothing in a solid form, sometimes even if I try to puree eggs or something in her food she will refuse it. I feel like...
My DD [20 months] got these as a gift, but her set has animals instead, which I can't seem to find on the site. I'm in Canada but they ship from the USA I believe http://www.itsimagical.com.hk/vie/Ti...Producto=25921
I just remembered a gift that I've made in the past and plan to do this year. I take an orange and tie some string around it so that it can be hung up. Then I take whole cloves and basically cover the entire orange by poking them into the skin. it smells LOVELY and I've gotten some requests for them this year. --A
Mina eats cheerios and corn puffs [organic kind, no sugar in them] without milk almost every day. She is not a big morning eater [most likely because she nurses all night and is full!] so nibbles on the cereal --A
Yes, I have a baby [well toddler] who still wakes up 2 or more times until I get into bed with her. I didn't leave her at night until she was about 16 months [she is 20 months now]. She loves my mom and although she didn't go back to sleep she was content being with my mom and singing or watching a video. I've been out 3 times at night since she was born and only once was I called back. She wasn't really upset but was looking for me a lot and my mother thought it was...
We've had a couple of names, nana, T [Think of like saying 'eat' but just the T part] a combo fo those, so nana-T, and right now she calls it 'Other side'! My doing, I kept asking her if she wants the other side. lol
Yes I would. I never thought I would but in I've always had one breast that was bigger then the other and pregnancy and nursing has really exagerated the difference. When not wearing a bra there is about half an inch difference, if not more [Kinda hard to measure that!] ... but I'm not sure i'm done having kids and i'm DEFINITLY not done nursing right now so it will have to wait. I'd like to even them out though, its rather uncomfortable and i can never go bra-less
Quote: Originally Posted by vegaenglit using muscles you havent used in a while (especially those inner thigh muscles that arent used to specific attention) will make you sore. you may not have been warmed up enough or not stretched enough. you may have jerked your legs causing some little injury. it really has nothing to do with nursing. breastfeeding is this catch-all for anything bad in mama or baby - mama's tired; must be the breastfeeding! ...
I dont mean injuries to the baby, but to me!!! Lately I've been injuring myself quite a bit and the latest is from doing weights. I was doing the aductor [sp?] where it works your inner thigh and doing a reasonable weight but I've been in major pain in my crotch area [sorry if its TMI?], i feel like i've had another baby! My muscles are SOO sore I had a hard time lifting my leg to take off my pants the other day. My mother reminded me that I'm still nursing and my body...
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