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Thanks for the welcome! I just smacked my hip on the door knob [well, not JUST, but over the weekend and its getting WORSE] so I think I'm going to have to take it easy on leg workouts and cardio . I hope I didn't do any real damage, damn these hip bones! I did my chest and back yesterday and just cardio today though --Angela
NAK Just want to second the frozen fruit, especially grapes. mmm ... i also eat a protein bar after a workout and that seems to help the cravings. have you tried making your own healthy ice cream? Freeze a couple of bananas and blend with rice or soy milk in the blender until its the consistency of ice cream. once you figure out the measurements of milk to fruit you can add other fruits like kiwi! mmmMMMmmm
thanks so much for this info! Maybe this is why I'm not losing the pouch after 18 mos!
Hi there! I thought i'd join in since i LOVE to lift weights. I usually do it 3 times a week, focusing on legs - chest/back and bi/tri's. This week I'm working on doing the exercise REALLY slowly and pausing for 3 seconds on the eccentric part [the HARD part of the exercise]. its great, my chest is still sore a little from monday's workout. What kind of cardio do you all do? Before or after weights?! Glad to find other lifting mama's
I ALWAYS lay down with DD at night for sleep. Honestly I can't see another way to put her down, she won't sleep for dh and if I'm around its booby or nothing! It usually takes anywhere from 30 min to one hour to put her to sleep, but here's what I do to keep it sane. About 30 min before she sleeps I go in the room with her and we lay down and read. Sometimes she reads to herself and I read my own book beside her or we read books together. I usually wait for her to...
Hi! In october I have a concert to go to [first one in god knows how long!] and I'd like to prepare my dd for the night. This will be the first time I've ever left her at night. I'm planning on nursing her to sleep, waiting until she wakes up [usually about 40 min after first being put down] and then going after nursing again. She may wake up again for nursing, i never know. Usually after the first wake up she sleeps for a long time. I'm planning on having my mother...
I know there are a million posts on this subject, but I didn't find one like mine so I'm going to ask. My dd is 16 months old. I know VERY LITTLE about this subject, but whenever I go to change her diaper that has a poo in it she gets really upset, crying, not wanting to go to the diaper change area etc. I've tried changing her in different places in the apartment, but that didn't seem to help. DH today said 'she looks embaressed' while she was freaking out,and that...
We call Mina monkey or bijou [french for jewel]. When we call her monkey she makes high screaching noises, its cute --Angela
I'm in Canada so it might be different, but I would get $40 - $50 per day for that many hours, I make the snacks and lunch
Quote: Originally Posted by pixie-n-hertwoboys my oldest ds when he was first learning to talk called farts (or poops - anything coming out of that area) f*cks - not good. now he calls them farks. One time in old navy he had bad diarrhea and it hurt I suppose, so he was crying, holding his bum saying "owie f*cks" he also called gum (as in chewing gum) ass. We have NO clue as to where or how he got that way to say it!! so you guessed it "mommy I...
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