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"What you consider normal behavior in public school is considered criminal behavior in the real world. Thus proving the point that public school is not a reflection of the real world." You know, I don't see how people can't see it this way. Getting in fist fights? Assault and battery. Getting your food/money/whatever stolen? Criminal. Getting teased/picked on about being a nerd? Harrassment. Having your butt slap/boobs grabbed/hair pulled/subject to lewd jokes because of...
Thank you soooo much for those links mamakay, I'm saving those for a rainy day.
"As far as assuming that everyone on your homeschool list agreed with the Obama-bashers, even though you live in the Florida panhandle, was well, likely wrong. " You're probably very right. And we have tried to make a few park days, but no one showed. Thanks for lighting the fire back under my behind to keep trying. And that's a negative on my sister. She will never admit she was wrong lol.
My 6yo dd is currently obsessed with handipoints.com lol. Its great b/c she will definitely get all her chores done for the day, but she's so obsessed with her cat and buying clothes for her cat and buying furniture for her cat, etc that I have to limit her time on the computer.
MY SISTER. Lol nothing good ever comes from starting a sentence that way. It really doesn't matter that she said it anyway, because I've gotten it from other people too. It falls under the "what about socialization" column regarding homeschooling via others. It does matter a little bit that it was my sister that said it though, because she is against homeschooling, but's she's *really* against ME homeschooling. She thinks b/c I don't work *I'm* not exposed to...
Defintely don't be so hard on yourself - but I think the fact that you are beating yourself up, that you do feel bad about it, makes you a GREAT mommy, not a terrible one. It means you really care. Hang in there, mama.
Thank you! That sounds like it wouldn't be such a bad idea after all.
So, my four year old is still co-sleeping with us, but we think she's ready to sleep on her own. She's been doing it at grandma's a few weekends now. My question is - she'll be sharing a room with her 6yo sister. Should I go bunkbed route? Or two twin beds? Or one full size bed they can both sleep in? I know the last one is probably not a good idea, but I know she's going to be a little scared and my 6yo is always going through the scared of the dark phase, so I thought...
Nope, no new friends. We homeschool and we don't have any friends with children, and the homeschool group in this area is pretty non-existant, so the only kids she really gets to interact with is cousins on weekends and she goes to sunday school with grandma. So *shrug* Btw, its cold!! At the moment...lol
I'm sure this is normal/fine/whatever, but I'm just so sad/frustrated about it, I just need someone to talk at. kwim? All of a sudden my six year old doesn't want to do anything with me. She plays the computer too much, so she'll get mad at me (really just a huff or "aw man") and go back to her room and stay there. She does want to sit with me or read with me. If I start singing a song she's singing, she stops. The other night I said, excitedly, "Who wants to have a...
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