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I just wanted to pop back in and say thank you for this awesome idea! I am loving reading everyone's responses and *getting* responses on my own journal! Thank you! :
I'm not feeling very nostalgic at the moment, so mine is just a regular old blog post, lol. Just Call Me Martha!
I'm currently in LOVE with this guide and this site lists basics, mostly, but its stuff kids can do, plus its a great blog. Hope this helps, I'm looking through my bookmarks now to see what else I can dig up.
Nope, sorry lol. Sounds like they're going into the play box for the girls.
Quote: Originally Posted by LynnS6 Say "fork" "shork". Say "fun", "shun". Say "fit"..... and my mom would break in. "That's not funny." "yeah, that's not shunny..." You know, I'm not sure I've ever heard her mispronounce that particular word. I wonder if she says it correctly. I KNOW I've heard her say phone correctly at least once. If she did it once, why doesn't she do it all the time, I wonder? I initially posted this in Learning At Home...
My sister had to go to a speech therapist when she was in school, so she thinks she's an expert on this subject. But to be honest, I'm really clueless when it comes to this. I'm not sure if thinking she'll outgrow it/learn the proper way to say it eventually since she's only six is the right way to think or not. I guess I'm just asking for those who have btdt. I personally don't think she has a speech problem, per se, but like I said, I don't really feel educated on the...
I've got so many lids that don't match anything! Its like the infamous two-socks-go-into-the-dryer-but-only-one-comes-out scenario, only with pots and pans. Can anyone point me in the right direction on what to do with these? Thanks mommas!
Hi, I'm a long time lurker that's recently decided to come out of her shell but I'm so in! I just started up a blog myself, so I'd love prompts/challenges to write about.
thanks! My daughter is six as well and is also still working on single digit addition. I dont' feel that she's ready quite yet, but who knows, sometimes she catches on to things quickly, that I never figured she would. She's interested in what a dollar is, why we get change back at the store, etc, but when I try to explain it she gives me a very confused face lol.
This feels like a really dumb question, but when do kids usually learn to count money? I don't strictly stick to guidelines or anything, I'm mostly just curious. If anyone has any sites or reference or just helpful tips, I sure would appreciate it.
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