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this morning I had to tell of one my year-old twins 'we don't lick things from the dirty laundry basket!'.
Twin names: Felix (YaYa) and Zeke ( Zee ) Gestational age upon arrival: 32 weeks Fraternal/Identical: fraternal  Time in in hospital (if applicable: 3 weeks Anything else you want to share: they will be a year old in less than a month. my former tiny little preemies are crawling, trying to walk, getting into everything, and talking :) The twins have, for the most part, been much easier than their singleton older brother. They are content to play quietly with...
  Doing a bit better, getting advise and words of wisdom from other Mamas helps. I don't feel so isolated :)   I'm planning on listing a bunch of clothing and toys on craigslist today. I've sold on ebay before, but sales there have been slow to none for the past couple months. I'm hoping craigslist will be better because it's local.  I found a summer lunch program that is easy walking distance for us. They serve breakfast two days a week too, so I'm going to be doing my...
I'm not sure if we do, we must, though. There are so many kids on free school lunch. DS1 goes to preschool two days a week and they feed the kids breakfast and lunch there. I will look into that, thank you!
We are fairly new to this area, both sides of the family are in different countries. DH is VERY macho latino and won't talk to his co-workers about our situation. He doesn't want me to tell anyone either because 'people will think he cannot take care of his family'. That's been a big arguement between us. He thinks we can just 'hang on' until things get better . I ended up talking to a neighbor today and she bringing things to make a pizza by this evening.    The...
DH works full time at a non-profit. He brings home about $1100 to $1200 a month ( $1200 if he gets non-existant overtime! lol) We were getting foodstamps, and last week our annual recertification was due. DH submitted the paperwork, and we were turned down. There are 5 people in our household, 3 are under the age of 5. DH argued the denial, and we were given a new caseworker and told to re apply. We did so and were told that it would take anywhere from 2 weeks to 45...
I'm Israeli and Dutch, and DH is Thai and central/south american. 
DS is 3 and a half. He's refused a hair cut or trim since his 2nd birthday. I'm fine with him having long hair ( I like it! ) we just have the rules that if it is going to be long, it has to be clean and brushed. We put it in a ponytail when he goes to school, and sometimes when he's playing outside, to keep it out of his eyes. We get a lot of people thinking he is a girl, just because of the hair. I don't think he looks like a girl at all. lol 
Here are my twins, 11 months old today :) It does NOT feel like it has almost been a year already!
slow start with this. i got rid of some things in jan. but forgot to post, good old mama-brain going on! today: 3 baby einstein music toys 1 pillowcase 1 comfortor 2 polar fleece blankets   7/2013
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