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It might be worth it to take your son in for a hearing test. DS has degenerative hearing loss. He tested fine as a newborn, but has been slowly losing his hearing over the past year and a half, so slowly that it was easy to miss at first. An audiologist can do a quick test where they stick little 'buds' in your childs ears to check hearing. it's quick and easy.
When DS was 17 months old, he also refused to use a sippy cup for his milk. One afternoon he left his (last remaining) bottle out and the milk went sour. I pitched it in the trash and gave him a soft spout sippy cup. He wasn't happy for about a day, then he got used to the cup. We started out using a munchkin brand cup but switched to nuby soft spout.
DS gets this from time to time. We use Merry Hempsters Baby Balm on it, it has hemp oil, lavander, and calendula oil. 
Under The Nile makes some pretty tiny undies.
DS is 19 months and loves toy cars. Doesn't matter if it is a handmade wooden one or a 1$ hotwheels, if it rolls, he's into it.
A few weeks ago, DS was quite ill. He was throwing up and had trouble keeping anything down. His ped recomended giving him his sippy cup of milk whenever he wanted it to try to keep him hydrated. We allowed him to have his milk at bedtime in his crib, and also when he woke up at night both for comfort and the fact that he seemed to throw up less at night. This continued for a week until he got better. The bad news is that over he course of that week, DS latched on to the...
Hey Everyone,      It's September now. Things haven't really changed for the better. Last month, the man we are renting a room from decided that he was going to let his sister move in rent free, and he then upped our share of the utility bill to $80 a month. Now we are paying $480 a month to rent a 12' by 10' room. We have limited access to the living room because that is where his sister is living, and the one bathroom is being shared by 8 people. Anytime we ar at...
In Oregon you can use the EBT card to purchase oils and anything used to cook food with. You cannot buy things like yerba mate or supplement powders because they are not considered 'food', but you can buy powdered drink mixes and most teas and coffees. 
happyhats:  We didn't know the families when we moved in. after being evicted we were staying with friends and DH was looking for private rentals on craigslist that were willing to rent to an income-less family. We all get along pretty well now that we are getting to know each other. Each family has their own bedroom shared with their children, and we all share the kitchen, bathroom, and living room. Living in a college town in the valley,  COL is kind of high. The...
My Mum bought one in the 80s for me and my siblings. It got a LOT of use with each child, and 24 years after it was purchased, my youngest sister (6) is getting to big for it.  The Cozy Coupe was a great toy for imaginative play. 
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