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congratulations momtoafireteam! I just found out yesterday too that I'm expecting twins! It's a trip, isn't it? Exciting and a little scary 
I started bleeding this morning, and went in to the ER to have things checked out. The Dr. said everything looks ok and........they saw TWO babies on the sonogram    I'm shocked, to say the least. 
I'm a 32A . As several previous posters have said, Gap is good for small size bras. A few others I have found that work are the Bralette from Free People, and the Cross Back Bra from american apparel.
I want to find out. For 2/3 of my pregnancy with DS, we were not in the USA, but I had a high risk pregnancy and pretty westernized medical care, so they did quite a few ultrasounds throughout the pregnancy. I had a strong feeling he was a boy, and people would come up to me on the street and tell me that I was having a boy. the 3rd sonogram confirmed it. I'm hoping for a girl this time, but will be happy with either. I'm not having any strong feelings yet as to the...
I had 3 miscarriges before I got pregnant with DS. This time around, I am so on edge! I'm under a lot of stress right now, and taking care of an active toddler, so every little cramp, every 'damp' feeling, I start freaking out. A few days ago, I started spotting bright red. It wasn't much, and it stopped quickly. there hasn't been any more since. Still, I worry. I'm going in to see my OB today, and hopefully schedual an early sonogram, just to make sure everything is...
I'm usually a huge sweets person, but I have lost all craving for sugary things. I have awful morning (ha! more like all day) sickness, but I'm still hungry all of the time. My cravings so far have been for cashews, sunflower seeds, dried tart strawberries, arabic bread, yogurt, and grapefruit. Something suprising is that I'm not craving simple carbs. There is an unopened box of crackers on the kitchen shelf, and I've not had one moment of temptation to open them! 
Hola Everyone. I'm Otono, I'm 28 years old , and I'm pregnant with baby #2 (edd september 3rd).  This pregnancy is a bit of a shock, we got pregnant through an IUD! DH is none to happy at the moment. We have a just-turned-two DS, and DH feels this is not a good time for a baby. I'm hoping he comes around. He wasn't very happy about my pregnancy with DS either, but loves him now.    ArtificialRed-I have been vegan or vegetarian for 14 years. I was totally vegan though...
Ours is $500 per month for 3 people (2 adults, 1 child). We live in a high COL of living area, and I'm vegan, so a big chunk of $ each month goes to soy milk, tempe, ect which is pretty expensive. DH and DS will eat anything and everything. I'm chronically ill, so the past few months, way too much money has gone to pre-packaged and easy to make foods. This month I'm trying to cut down on the grocery bill by buying mostly fresh and raw foods and cooking from scratch...
3 items sold on ebay and shipped today.   28/2012
yes, when I was pregnant with DS, i ended up with a lot of 'bleached out' undies!  I'm sticking with pantyliners this time around. 
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