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i read someplace, probably kellymom, that babies rarely get dehydrated, does he show signs of dehydration?
this is a great solution.   since i get up 2 times at night to nurse, after nursing my daughter in the mornings before we are ready to get up, if i cant coax her back to sleep. my hubby sits up and plays with her quietly.    
love the 5 min answer!  congrats!
http://www.breastfeeding-mom.com/extended-breastfeeding.html shows some higher numbers but doesnt go into as much detail.
http://www.kellymom.com/writings/bf-numbers.html#world   there you go!
I really like the point made about the 1-2 year olds who tote a bottle of milk around with them, theyre not weaned.   I like to say Yeah im too lazy to wash bottles.
i love the moby, but its really the only one i have tried, if you dont count a hand me down snuggly. i would like a carrier that can hold Ellie upright and for nursing.   any recommendations?
i know that the moby says not to, but i face Ellie, 3.5 months out often, not for long periods of time though. i usually have a hand on her though.  
can you fold up a little illow for her out of burp clothes or receiving blankets? i dont remember having this issue with my dd when she was a week old but she was 7 12 when she was born and has always had a strong neck. gl
thats great! i make a point to change my dd where people can see, and cant wait for warmer weather so she can wear just the diaper under dresses so people can see. it needs to be more mainstream! i even post on facebook to include it. "baby is snuggled in bed, diapers are washed and folded, dishes are done, time to climb into bed with her!" i also try to make BFing and CoSleeping seem more mainstream.
New Posts  All Forums: